iPhone 15

UPTab Products Compatible with Apple iPhone 15One of the most exciting features of the iPhone's USB-C port is the ability to output video using a USB C video adapter or hub and connect to an external monitor that mirrors your iPhone screen.


Fast Charger 40W Dual USB-C Ports

242,95 kr. 186,95 kr.

  One Charger, Two Devices Dual high-speed USB-C ports offer 20W and 20W charging so you can power up your phone and your tablet at the same time. High-Speed Charging Get 40W charging enough to fast charge a MacBook Air when you connect to a single...


Fast Charger 140W GaN+

710,00 kr. 513,95 kr.

  The UPTab 140W laptop charger offers several benefits, especially for laptops and other high-power devices that require a substantial amount of power. Here are some advantages of using UPTab 140W laptop charger: Faster Charging: UPTab With 140W...


USB-C iPad Pro Hub

308,95 kr.

Description: This UPTab USB-C iPad Pro is thinnest USB-C (Type C) adapter ever made with the essential ports and solid aluminum body. Compatible for all USB-C devices not just the iPad Pro. Charge up to 100W of power to your MacBook Pro with a...


USB-C to DisplayPort 8K Cable (2M/6.56FT)

233,95 kr. 186,95 kr.

Description: The UPTab USB-C (Type-C) to DisplayPort™ Active signal converter. The USB Type C to DisplayPort™ 1.4 Cable is the easiest solution for connecting your USB-C (Type C) source device featuring DisplayPort™ Alternate Mode to a...


USB-C to 4-Port USB (10Gbps)

242,95 kr. 186,95 kr.

Description: The USB-C to 4-Port USB is a must-have dongle for those with a USB-C device and who want to maintain their connection to all of their previously bought devices. If you want to use your USB Gen 2 devices such as SSD, hard drives, M.2 SDD,...


Wireless Charger Power Qi Bank

373,95 kr.

UPTab Wireless Qi Charger and Power Bank Design - Wireless Qi Charger with rechargeable A+ grade high density li-polymer Battery Integrate Qi wireless charging transmitter and receiver a large-capacity rechargeable battery 8000mAh. Works as a Qi...


USB-C (Type C) to SATA III Adapter

186,95 kr.

Overview: The UPTab USB-C (Type-C) to SATA III Adapter/Converter is an ideal solution for you to quickly access your valuable data, wherever you go, using this cable-style adapter. It’s USB powered, so there’s no external adapter required,...


USB-C to USB-C Cable (3.2 Gen 2)

177,95 kr. 111,95 kr.

Description: The USB-C to USB-C Cable allows you to quickly access your data on-the-go, featuring 10Gbps data transfer and supporting SuperSeed data transmission, which lets you send or receive an HD movie in as little as 2.5 seconds (with audio and 4K...


USB-C 3.2 Gen1 Hub - Graphite

607,95 kr.

Description: Equipped with a range of powerful features, this USB-C Hub transforms the way you use your devices. Those who often use a MacBook, MacBook Pro/Air/iPad Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Google new Chromebooks, Pixels, or other devices with USB-C ports...


USB-C 3.2 (Type C) to USB 3.0 Cable

139,95 kr.

Overview The UPTab USB-C 3.2 (Type-C) to USB 3.0 Cable is an ideal solution for you to quickly access your valuable data, wherever you go. USB 3.0 support transfer data from and to all your USB-C devices at a speed up to 5 Gbps. High speed backup...


USB-C (Type C) to VGA Cable

233,95 kr.

Overview: The UPTab USB-C 3.2 (Type C) to VGA Cable Adapter is an ideal solution for adding connectivity to your USB-C equipped laptop like Apple MacBook 2017, Apple MacBook Pro 2017/18 13" and 15" iMac 2017/18 and or new Google Chromebook Pixel and...